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BA edgar wallace films S941 Angels of Terror (71) aka: The Dead One on the Thames River  aka: Die Tote aus der Themse - A woman snitches on heroin dealers and gets herself killed. Often filmed tale, I think this is the third version. Big name stars in some of their most bizarre roles. BA N216 Perverse Maid, The (74) aka: La soubrette perverse In this bizarre mental clinic, Sylvia Bourdon services the patients, seducing them, and also the other nurses! . LBX  BA S885 Sandokan contro il Leopardo di Sarawak (64) aka: Throne of Vengeance - aka: Sandokan. With Edward Arnold and Marian Marsh. The military applications are already being thought of when the professor is kidnapped by a group of profit-seeking mercenaries. Mercedes will mit Ofelia in die Wälder fliehen, doch die beiden werden unweit des Hauses gestellt.

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Many horror elements are mixed with erotic atmosphere. There is a time code running at the bottom of the screen. Decent balance between 50's styled monster of the loose, gooey 80's monster FX, and even somewhat campy at times. BA K579 Jigsaw (68) A remake of 1965's "Mirage" except LSD is the most important plot device, not amnesia like the other film. Here it is in a beautiful LBX version and in English language too! Weird parties, gay guy tries to steal away Bolling's man etc. In English language and with foreign subtitles. . With the sensuous Lisa Gastoni as Messalina and Marilu Tolo as Ena. .

sex dates hamburg donna sommer venus

Anthology horror film from Mexico! At this crowded party they do some gag-inducing things, have group urination in a toilet (now that's crowded! With Rory Calhoun, Alan Napier and Rhonda Fleming. .

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The prince does not want to get married, but his parents force him to throw a ball where all single rich girls nearby are invited, but of course Cinderella doesnt get to go to the ball because she has to clean up a mess her. Most of the time mistaken for an Edgar Wallace thriller but. Politically incorrect, bizarre, exploitation shocker. N303-K819 So Sweet, So Dead (72) aka: Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile This is the definitive version, LBX, in Italian language and with English subtitles running 96 minutes and approx. Bloody stabbings, spear battles, tribal rituals, nudity and more. K654 Unseen Enemy (42) A collection of Nazis are in league with the Japanese who 'are coming in, as soon as the Fuehrer gives the word. Enter 'Morak the Destroyer'! BA N229 Anonimo Mortal (75) aka: Santo en Anónimo mortal Santo enters into Naziploitation!

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A young man falls for a beautiful 30 year old widow (Eleonora Rossi Drago). Gene Wilder is the 'Scarecrow'. I wonder if the ample nakedness of the leading lady has something to do with it? Their victims plead and beg for their lives as they are tormented. Type of film that in some ways came true!

sex dates hamburg donna sommer venus